Here, as promised, are pictures of the various hairstyles I've gone through in the past year or so. When I have time, I'll set up a page where you can vote on your fave do.

I had long hair from age 17 until last year. One of the worst things about learning I had cancer was knowing the hair, which was one of my best features and the envy of many friends, was going to go.

To minimize the trauma, I had it cut fairly short before starting treatment in May of 1996. Everyone, including me, liked it. I may keep it around this length once it comes back, and it will probably look close to this at our wedding in October.

By the first week of June, it was all gone. Pete helped me to shave off the last wisps so I'd at least look tidy. I spent about six months with no hair, and I became much less shy by the end, only wearing hats or my wig around strangers.

The first new permanent growth was really nice. Everyone loved stroking my head to feel the fuzz, and Theo started grooming me every chance he got. I guess he figured I hadn't looked after my old hair or it wouldn't have fallen out...

Four months after finishing chemo, I had my first haircut. It was nice to be among the ranks of the normal again. The top is surprisingly curly, which is fun.

That's all I have so far, but I'll post more pictures once I look noticeably hairier.

Menya Wolfe / March 29, 1997